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Some of these scholarships are recognized globally and can open doors to international colleges too. Despite knowing the importance of these scholarship programs, we miss out on them for our kids simply due to lack of awareness. SchoolCountry brings to you an exhaustive list of scholarships and awards for school students in India. How to win - Most scholorship exams are designed to test the aptitude and basic skills rather than subject matter expertise.

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For example, if a scholorship test is for students of primary schools, the child has to have good application level knowledge of addition, multiplication, division and basic science. To prepare for these, help the child master the base skill and gain speed and accuracy rather than study some advanced maths and science.

Tata school essay competition

These scholarships can surely be a wonderful contributor to your child's overall development. Have your child participate in these for the scholarships, prize money or just for the thrill of competing in a non-exam, non-curriculum environment. If we have missed out on some scholarships that you know about, please let us know. It will be a very helpful addition for other parents. Notify me when new comments are added. Need more info? Call 0 Mon - Sat am to pm. Home BrainX BrainX.

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Subscribe for Free. Hall Of Fame. Math Games. LKG Math Games. UKG Math Games. Grade 1 Math Games. In a two wheeler, father driving with elder child standing in front and wife behind holding a baby is norm in this country. Thus, this is a relatively an unsafe mode of transporting a family. Thus, with this in mind Tata Nano was created as a safer form of transport. As one of its objectives is to become an Indian business conglomerate operating in many countries, Tata Nano will be introduced in Malaysia.

It is estimated that Malaysia has more than 5 million motorcycles on the road, compared to over 4 million motorcars ICE, The majority of motorcycle buyers or users does not own a car and belong to the lower and middle-income group. A significantly larger percentage of motorcycle users in Malaysia are male. The company is targeting lower income group with family, first-time buyers of car fresh graduates and motorcycle owners. Tata Nano will position itself as the world cheapest car and yet does not compromise the quality, safety and environment.

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Tata motor has good supplier-manufacturer relationship with more than components. Tata Motors has targeted the urban area in Malaysia. This is going to be Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru. There are 5 million motorcycle riders in Malaysia. Just like in India, Tata Nano will appropriate place as an low-cost car even in foreign markets.

The car then will be assembled at pre-defined locations. It will be then redistributed to showrooms that will be set up based on region. The main competitors are Proton, Perodua, Toyota and Honda. The table below indicates the market share of the main competitors in the auto industry for the year The following finding are adapted from Malaysian Auto Report Malaysia is a successful example of a democratic Islamic state.

Despite murmurs of discontent among hard-line Muslims in some states, multiracial Malaysia is unlikely to abandon moderate Islam. The Malay half of the population holds a constitutionally enshrined special position in society, amounting to positive discrimination in not only jobs, but also wealth. The weak performance by the ruling Barisan Nasional in the general elections held on March 8 , has paved the way for the stalled reformist agenda -promised by Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi back in — to gather pace.

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  • Ethnic tension will remain a non-violent, but simmering, problem, so long as there remains a threat that the influence of hardline Islam could revive. For now, however, the hardliners have lost much of their political clout. During the past four decades, Malaysia has transformed itself from a commodities-dependent backwater into a major world source for electronics and computer parts. All this provides a solid platform for economic growth.

    The opportunity for private-sector-led growth will improve as the government continues divestment of state shareholdings in order to raise funds to narrow the budget deficit. Wages are higher in Malaysia than in a number of its competitors, such as China and Vietnam, which could be a long-term hindrance to economic expansion. To maintain its competitive edge, Malaysia needs a steady stream of inward investment Export competitiveness could be eroded if the exchange rate continues to appreciate markedly.

    Foreign companies, or at least foreign manufacturing companies, looking to do business in Malaysia will continue to be welcomed with open arms, with the government offering lavish tax breaks and concessions. State subsidization of prices will remain a peripheral but persistent part of daily economic life in Malaysia.

    Doing business in Malaysia will always, to some extent, mean dealing with the politically well-connected. The opportunity to invest in Malaysian state assets could improve. The government, if it sticks to its word, will conduct its biggest ever divestment of state shareholdings.


    Malaysia is eager to compete globally in banking, and although it currently lacks a domestic champion, with ten main institutions in the market, bank consolidation is a strong possibility. The waterways and shipping lanes that surround Malaysia will continue to pose the threat of piracy and terrorism Malaysia is at risk, conceivably, of losing out to China in the race for foreign investment.

    The following will be key strengths and weakness within the company and describes the opportunities and threats facing Tata Nano. The internationalisation tactics so far has been takeover to local managers in new style, and only to transplanting a couple of higher managers from India into the new trade. The key point is that Tata has been able to share ideas. The company had a successful agreement with Italian mass product Fiat in This has enhanced the product collection of investments for Tata and Fiat as per agreements of production and ideas sharing. An example, Fiat Palio design was introduced in by Tata, and both the companies have an contract to create and achieved their Goal at Central and South America.

    The Tata Nano passenger travel car products are depends upon 3rd and 4th generation platforms, which is a disadvantage of Tata Motors Limited with competition others car manufacturers. Tata Nano is the most cheapest car in the World — selling at little more than a motorbike. The new emerging industrial of the countries such as India, S.

    Korea and Republic of China will have a thirst for produce and distribute vehicles in low-cost passenger.

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    These are the advantages. However the company has put in place a proactive Corporate Social Responsibility considering to address potential tactics that will make its operations more sustainable. The range of Super Mileage fuel efficient buses are powered by efficient, atmosphere friendly car engines. The bus has automatic organic clutch with booster help and better air intakes that will low fuel consumption by up to 10 percent.

    Other car manufacturers companies are in passenger car business for 40 or more then 40 years.