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Jessica P. I have excellent GCSE grades and have tutored for two years now not only just for Coursework Is there anyway someone could help me with my english Coursework. What novels are you doing or are you doing poems?


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Share Email Post. This makes it the perfect example to show students what is required of them in the NEA.

Example English Language Coursework

Title: An investigation into the language used by politicians in resignation speeches Introduction: My investigation focuses on the language used by politicians in speeches when resigning as leader of their party. I have chosen this topic because the subject of resignation is complex; politicians must accept defeat whilst still defending the image of their party.

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Beginning my investigation by reading secondary sources of research, such as articles from Pullum and Charteris-Black , provided me with further tools to analyse the speeches. Furthermore I may gain insight into the way specific features are added to speeches in order to make the audience feel a certain way.

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  4. Even students who pick an interesting topic for their investigation may struggle to achieve the top marks in the NEA because their levels of analysis, interpretation and overall conclusions are far too simple. However by looking at a complete and highly successful investigation, students can see how they should use their A level study so far as a toolkit to look closely at language and to make meaningful comments on it.

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    An invaluable resource to introduce students to this part of the new A Level and hopefully inspire them with their own coursework. Includes full write up with data two transcripts. Preview and details Files included 2.