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If so, how? The idea of embarking on journeys has stood the test of time - early man explored uncharted territories, while modern citizens jump at the chance to have an overseas experience.

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Are we truly concerned with materialistic experiences, or are we seeking to expand our horizons? The term pilgrimage itself suggests a journey to a geographical location of spiritual importance. However, journey in this case. These tales were about everything from the conquering of unknown lands to the quarrels of god-like beings. Although, these legends are widely praised for bravery in fearless leaders , Ancient Greeks had another theme of importance. Tales such as The Odyssey focused on heroes that still possesed fatal flaws and were forced to accept their imperfections.

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In this way, the hero learns to embody excellence. The Importance of Journeys A thorough study of journeys reveals that a journey is much more than just movement from one place to another. Journeys are about learning and growth, and they have the potential to teach people about themselves and the society in which they live.

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An Imaginative Journey is one in which the individual doesn't in fact have to go anywhere in the physical sense. The physical journey is replaced by an expedition that is fuelled by the human capacity to imagine. Imaginative Journeys create endless possibilities. They can offer an escape from the realities of life, and are frequently used to comment on social or human traits and characteristics.

Imaginative …show more content…. Prospero, on his island, is in command. It is his imagination that has conjured up his scheme for revenge and the journey is his to have power over. Throughout the play, Prospero also experiences a journey of wisdom and appreciation.

He learns more regarding the social order in which he lives and experiences self-realisation and discovers his identity. Prospero learns that revenge on his enemies is not the best answer "Yet with my nobler reason 'gainst my fury Do I take part. The rarer action is in virtue than in vengeance", and through his change, other characters such as Alonso learn something about themselves and others such a Miranda and Ferdinand find love- "Beyond all limits of what else I' th' world, Do love, prize, honour you. Because of the situation, Shakespeare can exercise his imagination to generate characters and thoughts that are not possible in a realistic setting.

The island is a place of magic and imagination. The magic of Prospero, Ariel and the other spirits, Caliban and the masque all persuade the audience, to suspend disbelief and accept imagination.

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